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Do you travel to Prague on business regularly? Do you need some accommodation for your business partners or employees and are you looking for a strong business partner? We are a Prague hotel chain that runs 13 hotels and one hostel of their own in Prague. The hotels are mainly located in the city centre and extended centre of Prague. Prague 1, Prague 2, Prague 3 and Prague 8. We offer to you advantageous conditions for accommodation services on three levels of cooperation.

1. We guarantee discount from the current price
Use: You travel to Prague irregularly, a few times a year.

2 Fixed frame contract divided into seasons
Use: You need accommodation for 5 to 30 nights a month, you emphasise financial planning

3. Fixed frame contract with all-year price and individual conditions
Use: You purchase accommodation services of the scope of more than 30 nights a month. Financial planning represents for a you crucial parameter and you require individual attitude.

For cooperation please contact us by email on or fill in the form below.
We will contact you and we will find out about your requests and we will negotiate the cooperation.

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