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AVE Hotels

Accommodation in Prague, right in the city center or in its immediate vicinity. That is the common denominator of all the AVE hotels.

Thanks to our own chain of hotels, we can offer all the variants of accommodation: inexpensive, affordable or luxurious; short-term or long-term stays. Our network includes a hostel and three, four, and five star hotels in the historical buildings of the center of Prague and also less expensive accommodation for tourists in rooms or apartments with a three star standard. We also have 6 hotels at Mala Strana and hotels with conference services.

It is very easy to get from all of our hotels to the historical center of Prague, Wenceslas Square, Prague Castle and Old Town. Whether you walk or take a tram or subway, all of these are easily accessible without transfers. Our hotels’ neighborhoods all have interesting histories. All of our hotels in Prague offer high standard of servicesand kind and helpful staff.

AVE hotels

Historical centre Hotel Three Storks Praha

Hotel Golden Star * * * *

Historical centre Hotel Golden Star Praha

Hotel Bishops House * * * *

Historical centre Hotel Bishops House Praha

Hotel Waldstein * * * *

Historical centre Hotel Waldstein Praha

Hotel Monastery * * * *

Historical centre Hotel Monastery Praha

Hotel Red Lion * * * *

Historical centre Hotel Red Lion Praha

Hotel Clementin Old Town * * * *

Historical centre Hotel Clementin Old Town Praha

Hotel Mucha * * * *

City centre Hotel Mucha

Historical centre Hostel Little Quarter

Hotel Theatrino * * * *

City centre Hotel Theatrino Praha

Hotel Taurus * * * *

City centre Hotel Taurus Praha

Hotel Seifert * * * *

City centre Hotel Seifert Praha

Hotel Aida * * * *

City centre only
4 metro stops Hotel Aida Prahay

Hotel Bílý lev * * *

City centre Hotel Bílý lev Praha

Hotel Grand

City centre Hotel Grand